Egypt: Revolution, Religion and Politics

How is the situation in Egypt following the Arab Spring and years of social flux? Is there any hope for democracy? Are Christians persecuted in Egypt? These and many more questions are thoroughly dealt with in this talk.

The Copts: Politically and Socially

The past 100 years, the Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt has experienced a profound revival that has changed the Church, the lives of the Copts and the role of both in Egyptian society. The changes has happened in tandem with general society, and many Copts see the Church as a last resort against a threatening Muslim majority. Other Copts criticize the political and social influence of the Church and work to open the Coptic community more to the surrounding society.

Religious Dialogue

The concept of dialogue is used in politics and church settings as the tool, which will solve many of the problems, we are currently facing. But there is confusion about the meaning of the word. This talk discusses how the word dialogue is used in different places, and – if needed – how you can work with dialogue in your setting.

Religion and Society

Discussing Islam, the question of the relation between religion and society often surfaces. Media often has a somewhat impoverished understanding of this relation, using simplified understandings of concepts such as Sharia and the Islamic State. This talk discusses this and relates it to the Western setting.

Why do we like some,
while we dislike others?
It feels natural to most to keep some close, while others at a distance. We find reasons for this in their behaviour, culture and religion, but research in social dynamics paints a somewhat different picture: as social beings, we need to have people close to us to feel safe, and secondarily we ascribe positive or negative properties to the people surrounding us.
Idea, Structure and Drive:
A workshop on writing essays
The workshop is a first step for people about to embark on writing a longer essay. The workshop includes the thoughts of the participants and provides tools to build structure and clarity that can initiate and guide the writing process.